Next to the bathroom, my favorite room in the house is the kitchen - probably because I worked in luxury kitchen appliances for years. There's a high chance I talk about these products and other kitchen tips like storage here!

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Storage Bins: Kitchen Edition

Most every professional organizer's Instagram is no doubt showcasing beautiful home organization. Have you ever noticed how storage bin heavy they are? In some cases, yes, this enhances the look of the home, but is it functional?

If you ask me, the answer is most likely no. Give someone a bin to throw things in, and that's exactly what they'll do. In the kitchen in particular, bins can create clutter and be inflexible, running you into a mundane routine.

So what needs to be in a storage bin and what are the best bins out there? See my round up below:

Item Bin Tips
Every day cleaning accessories Yes! These small items are hard to stack and easy to lose. Plastic storage will help you keep track of your items and allow for easy access. Things like sponges and gloves, that you typically have no idea where to put, are great for containers. Suction/nail them to your sink or the inside of your sink cabinet.
Baking and caffeine products It depends. If you want this on your countertop, then yes. If not, then no. And I would only recommend to take up counter space if they add to your decor like these West Elm utility kitchen canisters.
Food Absolutely not. Shelves for your shelves? With labels? Heaven forbid you buy a food item that falls outside of your label, or is a different size than when your organizer came into your home. Now you're going to have to have him/her come back and re-purchase, re-label, and re-organize your pantry. Which of course is what they're hoping for. Use your shelves. Place your food packages back in their spot when they're not in use vs. throwing them back in the cabinet recklessly.