Upsizing | To a 7 Bedroom Home

Ever felt like you're outgrowing your home? This couple certainly did! With 1 toddler, hopes to expand their family, frequent visitors, and work hours that seem to run into personal time - this family needed more space. Like Ariana says, "I want it, I got it".

So we moved them into their new home. 3 people, 3 days, 7 Bedrooms, let's go!

I'll talk a lot about the moving process in other home features, so let's jump into organizing some of these rooms and closets:


Evaluate for new hangers and storage

It is not my m.o. to have clients buy new product. However, if I see an inexpensive adjustment, I'll bring it to the table. It is super common to have clothes on various types of hangers and 1+ very random hangers that are a totally different color than the rest, etc. - don't feel bad if you have this in your closet!

For this particular home, we kept white and black plastic hangers (for her clothes vs. his clothes) + wood hangers for suits and jackets. We did need to purchase a few extra packs of both colored plastic hangers as well as one pack of wooden pant hangers. Total cost: $35.

Her White Hangers
White + Wood Hangers
His Black + Wood Hangers


Properly fold the linens

With 5 additional bedrooms came 1 additional linen closet. We were able to separate mom and dad's linens from baby and guests'.

I'm convinced that if you fold your linens vs. ball them up and throw them around, your bed is instantly 100x more relaxing - and who doesn't want that?!

And what about quantity? Quality > quantity with linens. You really only need 2 sheet sets per (adult) bed & 4 towel sets per adult. Additional sheet sets for different comforts in the seasons are acceptable as well.

Mom & Dad's linens
Baby & Guest Linens


Babies are humans too

Give your adorable baby's clothes the same care you give yours by folding and hanging them. Kid's hangers are SO cute as well! We spent $8 on hangers for our little client.

And if you have a toddler, asking them "assist" unpack and organize your new home can help them get acquanted with their new space.

Tiny Helper
Baby Hangs
Toddler Closet
Tiny Folds


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Kitchen Cleaning