Fresh Start

Williamsburg | 1st Time Home Owners


Here's what we did:

  • Navigated the entire home pre-move for items to toss, donate, and sell
  • Organized lightly pre-move
  • Packed the home for the move into this couples first owned home!
  • Unpacked and did a full organization for both closets and dressers
The Edit

The Edit
The Planning

The Planning

This little lady has a ton of clothes and shoes - and we wanted to showcase this! You can see the closet evolution from plan to placement as we worked together to determine the best way to organize for HER. Throughout the closet and dresser, we were able to highlight some of the designer and chunkier pieces she owns. It was a ton of fun to present a new folding system in her space as well! We folded the pieces before moving, packed them up that way, and had an easy time re-stocking in the new place.

Her New Closet

The Closet
Her New Dresser - Tops

The Tops
Her New Dresser - Bottoms

The Bottoms
Her Seasonal Suits

The Seasonal

This guy went from a double wide Ikea standing closet to a built out Elfa closet from the Container Store. We hit a few bumps in the road getting here, mainly his wife took the good stuff. Ladies first, amiright:

  1. This closet holds all of the internet and cable wires. The closet move happened with the actual move, so we had to work around the untamed wires. But hey, he has a real closet now!
  2. Her closet required a ton of shelving system pieces, so we went for a much cleaner look in his closet.
  3. With two dressers in the bedroom, we were feeling cramped and moved his into his closet. This created shelving space and a get-dressed-in-one-place vibe.

His Old Closet

The Old
His New Closet

The New
His New Closet - Shoes

The Shoes