Moving In

Moving Into Your Kitchen

Moving In
Secrets for Moving, From a Professional

Is your kitchen space expanding, shrinking, or staying the same? It doesn't matter to me. The tips below will help with moving or re-organizing any kitchen.


As you're packing or re-organizing, take all items out by category

Sort through your items and determine what to:
1) Keep 2) Donate 3) Sell 4) Trash

If you're moving, pack your items in boxes by category. Make sure to be specific when labeling! Color coding with stickers or markers helps as well

Lay out your vision in your new, or re-imagined, space using post-it notes. If you're at a loss on where is best for certain items, think - is this easily accessible when I need it? i.e. placing coffee mugs nearby the coffee machine and cooking utensils next to the stove

Place your items where you planned! Remember, seeing your items is key to using them