Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend | In The Hamptons

classic. overpack.

You know, when you last minute go on a trip and kind of know what you're doing, and kind of know what you want to you just throw in a bunch of stuff "just in case". If you write it down, it's clear how much you've overpacked:

Day Activity Outfit
Friday lay out bathing suit
BBQ @ home comfy outfit
Saturday work out & lay out activewear & bathing suit
Bidawee event & dinner nice outfit & possible outfit change
Sunday lay out & shop bathing suit & casual outfit
Surf Lodge outfit change

Let's be real, that "possible outfit change" didn't happen. No one wears 4 outfits in a day unless they're a blogger that needs content. And a separate comfy outfit when there's already activewear and pj's packed? Yeah, not happening. So the 6 outfits for 2.5 days? Turned out to be 4.

but accurate on the bathing suit front.

There's nothing like a reversible bathing suit, amiright? Who needs 3 bathing suits when you can pack 2 that look like 3 to the naked eye.

Floral Side
Black Side