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there are two kinds of people

vs. Me

Honestly, the former is to be considered normal. We are so attached to our posessions and are too grown up to not know we have options. I just see more of an upside in traveling light. Plus, look at everything your friends bring on a trip, what could you possibly need that they don't have?

when the first kind of person shows up to the airport like this

Pre Repack

I'm happy to be asked to help repack.

5 minutes of shuffling items around to lay flat can do wonders.

And now we have a bag that fits overhead. →


and if you want to be the second kind of person

Travel Outfits

Pack what you need. Not that I needed 4 pairs of shoes...but you get the point?

I recently got very into the idea of bags inside of bags to create custom compartments. On this trip, snack size ziplocs were used for underwear storage (inspired by @fashionambitionist's method of organizing swimsuits) and a lightweight cosmetic case was used inside of a dop kit to separate toiletries from makeup from samples.