Packing Feature: Italy

Italy | For 2 Weeks

Here's how we stacked up:
Packing Layout

The Layout
Packing Edit

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The Pack

Here's how we got there:

  1. General itinerary requested for day of packing
  2. Client opted to take out and pile items she wanted to pack 3 days prior

  1. Together, we went through the itinerary and planned outfits for general activities (i.e. I might shop, we are going to a fancy dinner one of these two nights in this city)
  2. In a clear space, outfits (including shoes and accessories) were placed by day
  3. Once outfits were optimized for minimal packing and finalized, they were folded neatly
  4. Items were packed in the carry on by day, with earlier days on top
  5. Valuables were packed in the personal bag in case the carry on was checked at the gate

  • All packing products were client owned. Travel cubes and additional dust bags for shoes would be recommended for future travel.

TOTAL TIME: 1 hour!