Packing Feature: Palm Beach

Palm Beach | Long Weekend for Him

If you're the type that always thinks you need 5 pairs of emergency underwear, a bathing suit change every 4 hours, and a different pair of shoes for every single outfit, continue reading this.

We took a notorious overpacker and converted him to an accurate packer.

Packing Layout

Packing Edit


Here's how we got there:

  1. We laid out the itinerary: hanging out in the sun and dining
  2. We agreed on the number of bags: 1
  3. Once outfits were optimized for minimal packing and finalized, they were folded neatly
  4. Items were packed in the garment bag, separated by day and night outfits. Blazers and button ups (on thin hangers with blazer/button up pairs married), and bottoms were placed together by outfit for ease.
  5. Valuables were packed in the personal bag in case the carry on was checked at the gate

  • Client owned Tumi garment bag was used. While this is a quality item, we feel that in the carry. This client is happily switching to a Hook & Albert Men's weekender/garment bag!

TOTAL TIME: 1 hour!