Staging 338 W 15

Residential Real Estate Staging | 338 W 15th Street

Redefining residential real estate staging to include closet, bathroom, and kitchen organization.

Anddd using it as a giveaway vehicle . If the following were an Instagram post, an influencer might caption the below, "deeeets":


Each closet is a separate giveaway, so there are several opportunities to win! Closets will be released when a threshold of @minimarthastewart followers is met AND we'll try to keep these replenished. To enter:

  1. Follow my staging partners on Instagram (and me, duh):
    • @deciem
    • @oxo
  2. Like & share at least one of the pictures you see below on my Instagram page (@minimarthastewart)
    • Make sure you DM me which picture you shared when you do this!
    • Bonus entries for extra likes and extra story/post shares
  3. Bonus entries if you share in your story your favorite thing(s) about following @fashionambitionist or myself

Giveaway 1: 1,000 followers

Yellow Closet
Green Closet

Giveaway 2: Stay tuned

Giveaway 3: Stay tuned

Blue Closet
Red Closet

Giveaway 4: Stay tuned

Giveaway 5 & 6: Stay tuned

Black & White Closet


Thanks to Deciem for supplying product!

Master Bathroom
Deciem product
Bathroom Sink
Master Drawers
Full Bathroom
Deciem product
Bathroom Sink
Full Bathroom Drawers
Master Shower


Thanks to OXO for supplying product!

OXO Containers
OXO Kitchen
OXO Small POP Containers
OXO Turntable
OXO Containers
OXO Turntable