Faux Closet Build

Closet Build Out | With DIY Shelves


The Task: Main Closet | Dresser | Entry Closet in 1 day

The Maintenance Task: Main Closet | Dresser | Entry Closet maintenance (duh) + Linen Closet in 1 day

Main Closet Before
Main Closet Shelves Before
Shoes Before
Dresser Before
Entry Closet Before


First of all, pictures can't even express how deep this closet was. I would take out a row of shoes to find another row of entirely hidden shoes completely forgotten about by their owner.

I could also hear some jealousy when talking about how great it would be to build-out a closet, if only he owned. Insert quick, cheap, removable shelves to create the effects of a built out closet.

Main Closet Install
Finding More Shoes


Main Closet After
Entry Closet Zoom
Entry Closet
Folded Hoodies
Folded Bottoms
Folded Tops
Folded Tops