My biggest thing with organizing is incorporating it into your daily life. So. many. organizers make it a chore that only the extremely organized and passionate about organizing can do - so that you hire them. While I obviously subscribe to the idea of hiring an organizer and understand different lifestyles need different things, even my most unorganized clients have become much more organized by applying my methods. The #1 method: #oneaweek.

One a week is the idea that while you're going through your day, if you see something you no longer have use for, throw, donate, or sell it. It should become so routine, you're purging one item a week.


  • When you're getting dressed and put on something you don't like/feel good in/doesn't fit
  • When you look in your closet and see something you know you don't want
  • When you wash and shrink/stain something
  • When it has one or more holes
  • When you have beauty samples - use or lose them
  • When you buy something to replace your current item(s) - clothing, beauty, accessories, etc.
  • When your decor no longer suites you
  • When you have far more of something than you know you need

Pulling the items is half the battle. Then you throw, donate, and sell:

#oneaweek | Donate [Share with friends and/or these guys]


Goodwill: Clothing, accessories, linens, housewares, toys, books, electronics, furniture, vehicles

The Salvation Army

Same as Goodwill + mattresses, large appliances, exercise equipment, pianos

Free The Girls

Free The Girls: Donate your bras to help women rescued from sex trafficking

Project Beauty Share

Project Beauty Share: Drop off or send new/gently used beauty items


VSP: Donate your new and used eyewear to support efforts domestically and abroad

#oneaweek | Sell


Poshmark: Best for clothing

Commission taken: 20%
or $2.95 for sales under $15


Tradesy: Best for designer items

Commission taken: 19.8%
or $7.50 for sales under $50


Mercari: Best for electronics

Commission taken: 10%
and shipping costs (recommended)

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