Storage Bins

Storage Bins: Closet Edition

Most every professional organizer's Instagram is no doubt showcasing beautiful home organization. Have you ever noticed how storage bin heavy they are? In some cases, yes, this enhances the look of the home, but is it functional?

If you ask me, the answer is most likely no. Give someone a bin to throw things in, and that's exactly what they'll do. And do we really think this is necessary and looks good:

plastic storage

So what needs to be in a storage bin and what are the best bins out there? See my round up below:

Item Bin Tips
Your sentimental "junk drawer" Yes you can have one of these, yes you can have it in a bin, and yes this can be in your closet. If you don't have a designated office space, that doesn't mean you can't keep travel momentos or meaningful cards. Keep them organized in a non-transparent bin. You likely won't be visiting this often so you won't be needing to shuffle around your in your keepsakes.
Winter accessories: gloves, scarves, etc. Acceptable - I I would stick with a smaller, clear option like the Our Accessory Box or Our Sweater Box from the Container Store. If your winter accessories don't fit in to your dresser drawers, clear bins are a great alternative. These items do not need to be accessed year around and when it is winter, you'll be able to easily see what you have.
Linens If (and only if!) you do not have a linen closet or space in your clothing closet to create one. Under the bed storage is the perfect solution when your closet and bathroom space is limited. Try the Our Underbed Box/Our Long Underbed Box from The Container Store.
Shoes Not really. Shoes should be on display, ready for you to grab and run out the door. We can't all have shoe walls, but we can all have shoe racks. Full article on shoe displays coming soon!
Sweaters and other folded tops No. Just no. Yes, sweaters should be folded. They should also be accessible. Don't limit yourself to the top item in a bin. Need help keeping things straight? Go for shelf dividers like these or these.

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