Boie Body Scrubber

Ditching Your Loofah

I'm just going to say it. Loofah's are gross. There's a reason my parents had me use a new washcloth every shower to wash my body. But as it always goes, we find a better way to do everything over time.

I've been using the Boie body scrubber since January and I'm hooked. It clings to the wall (easily, and doesn't fall), it suds enough for me to know it's working, it doesn't get gross and fall apart, it's easy to hold. The list of why I love this product goes on.

Beyond the pure product benefits, there are storage benefits! This this is 1-2 cm wide. The box it comes in is slim as well. Great for saving space in your storage and great for saving space in your shower.

I'm a lifetime fan, and I'm determined to make you one too ;)