Dop Kits

Dop Kits

It's no secret, I love to travel. But traveling can be exhausting if you can't find your things! If you start to organize yourself, travel prep, traveling, and unpacking can be much less stressful. Packing cubes are everything, and this includes the beauty specific packing cube, dop kits.

A few of my personal care favorites to tote along:

  • Organix travel size shampoo | I have a keratin treatment in my hair, so I always take a sulfate-free shampoo with me. All conditioners are sulfate-free, so I leave this behind to save space and unecessary clutter when I'm looking for an item.
  • Travel tooth brush and toothpaste | I am very dedicated to my electric toothbrush, but just at home. In case I'm not staying at a hotel with dental kits, I bring along a portable pair.
    • An alternative item I've been wanting to try out: quip
  • Comb | Yep, a comb instead of a hair brush. Combs are allegedly better for hair health, and they're smaller - win/win!
  • Sample size foundaton | If you are the lucky recipient of a leak-free sample container, hold on to it and fill it with your favorite foundation for travel. My favorite: Estee Lauder double wear

If you're going on a shorter trip, merge your beauty and personal care supply filled dop kit with intimates like socks.

And most importantly, always keep your essentials packed for your next trip. These are items that you use every single trip, no matter what, and do not use at home. It's up to you what you include!