Airport Style

Airport Style

There are really only two things to strive for in a travel outfit: comfort and efficiencies. Lucky for us, athliesure is a thing.

Here are a few travel outfit tips I've learned from my trips:

What You Probably Do What You Should Do
Traveling from a cold to warm location: Wear a jacket to travel to and from the airport. Put this in the overhead storage even though you know it's not allowed. Lug it around on your vacation. Almost forget it at the hotel because who wants to go back to cold weather anyways. Layer, layer, layer: I'm not opposed to the idea of wearing what is meant to be in your suitcase. When you arrive at your destination, it's easy to maintain comfort by unlayering down to your lightest layer and wrapping your heavy layers around your waist.
Get mistaken as "the bag lady". You have a piece of luggage (hopefully it's a carry on bag), a personal bag, more bags in your bags. Select MAX two bags: one day bag and one night bag to bring with you. Your personal bag should be either one of these. Bonus points if your personal bag slides on to the handles of your luggage AND fits your laptop.
Wear one travel outfit to your destination, pack a second travel outfit to come home, and never wear any of these items in between. So maybe you add your hat to your travel outfit because you have no idea how to pack it, but that's not what we're getting down to here. You can wear the same travel outfit to and from the airport. Those layers we were talking about earlier - make them items you wanted to pack anyways. A sweater for the beach, a basic tee for any bottoms, sneakers for outdoor activities, etc.

Even if you are one to snap a pic at the airport, just don't take one on the way back. And now I've saved you time getting ready for the airport too.

Here are some travel outfit ideas:

Dress It Down Dress It Up
Layering tops is simple. You start with your tightest fitting clothes to loosest:
  • On top:
    • basic tank or tee
    • any variety of short or long sleeve shirt (basic, plaid, chambray)
    • 1-2 sweaters (summer sweater, open front, etc.)
  • Leggings layer ridiculously well on top of each other. Highly recommended if you plan to do yoga, hiking, or other outdoor activities on your trip.
  • No judgement if you throw sweatpants on top of that.
  • This outfit of course pairs best with athletic or fashion sneakers - use your itinerary to decide what you'll need most.
For the girls who are not into the sweatpants look:
  • Ever notice how much space cotton maxi dresses and skirts take up? Just wear it on the plane and voila - you deserve an upgrade.
  • Layer a skirt on top similar to how you would leggings, or go straight for long sleeve or sweater layers over your dress.
  • You can definitely pull off a white fashion sneaker with this look - or save space in your carry on by wearing wedges.