Laundry | Less of a pain in the ass

Not going to lie, laundry isn't even fun for me. Probably for different reasons than for you, so I'm confident I'm about to help laundry feel like less of a chore for you.

figure out

How many loads you separate your laundry into


How many loads of laundry you can handle in a day

I.e. I separate lights/darks and do 1-2 loads in a day. Yes, that means I wash my towels with my clothes. I don't recommend it, I just do it and nothing's gone wrong so far. I also have a laundry basket that can fit two loads of laundry for my washing machine. If it's reaching the top, it's time to do laundry. Being proactive is a much better feeling than being overwhelmed by how much laundry you have. AKA do less loads, more often relative to your max loads.


I love that my laundry separations = my laundry cap = my laundry basket's capacity, but that's just me making the stars align. Some tips if you're not here to force it:

Separate your laundry into several categories? Get a hamper that speaks to that with several compartments. How many times do you want to separate your laundry before washing it, yanno? Seeing them separate can show you what load to do next as well.

Do your laundry with others? Mirror the laundry baskets you have in each room, or consider a communal laundry basket in an easy access room for everyone.


If you're lucky enough to have a washing machine in your home, take advantage. Use your washer as a hamper. Is the next load you want to do darks? Are you wearing a dark outfit that's ready for the hamper? Go directly to the washer, pass the laundry basket, do not collect on the floor. When it's full, just add detergent and press start. Move to dryer (if applicable) and repeat with your next priority load of laundry.


Use these for intimates, delicates, smaller items. Keep them at the top of your laundry basket/washing machine. Load as you go - just like the washer concept.

Leah Mari Approved

Laundry Sorter

Single Laundry Basket

Mesh Laundry Bags


The amount of towels and sheets you need (read: as an adult!) is really only the amount you use at one time. Steps: Use, make dirty, wash, use again. See how I skipped fold?


Laundry days are solid for getting rid of things. Don't want to fold it? Um I mean, don't want it? Don't have space for all of your clean things?* Sell or donate - items have to be washed for this anyways.

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